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Cost Containment Questions

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Almost Done!

Cost Containment, Savings Analysis


Preliminary savings analysis – We and our partners will conduct a confidential, no-cost analysis of your purchases to quickly estimate the cost savings opportunity that is available for you. We calculate our savings analysis by benchmarking your expenses with proprietary purchasing data in our extensive Knowledge Base. Clients use the preliminary analysis to decide whether to engage us or not.

Client engagement - We and our partners work with our clients to confirm which expense areas to review, identify any supplier sensitivities and constraints, and establish a commencement date and Project Timeline. Also, at this point the client has the option to start utilizing our pre-certified national suppliers, who offer group purchasing pricing, volume incentives and services that many companies cannot access on their own.

Expense history analysis - We and our partners compile and format historical expense data into a customized report. This provides you a categorized report of internal purchasing activities and also enables us to prioritize our savings action plan.

Request for Proposal (RFP) management - We and our partners work closely with your purchasing department to manage the RFP process for the expense categories in the scope of our engagement. Our RFP process is customized to identify your actual purchasing patterns, service needs and reporting requirements. We encourage our clients to include non-incumbent suppliers in the bidding process.

Group purchasing - We and our partners give you an immediate opportunity to realize the benefits of our group purchasing contracts. These contracts are with leading national suppliers that offer deep discounts and economic incentives based on vast purchasing power.

Final presentation - We and our partners document the total cost savings and efficiency improvements and present a detailed report to your management team.
Implementation - We and our partners arrange and facilitate supplier meetings with your key employees, establish key performance measures for the suppliers and implement the reduced pricing schedules for your purchased supplies and services.

Vendor management - We and our partners schedule business review meetings with your team on regular intervals to make sure you are realizing the full cost savings and taking advantage of best practices enabled by the vendors.

Our Results

Alphanet and our partners have served more than 1,000 clients since 1992. The following are some recent examples of the results delivered by our professionals.


Industries Served

We and our partners have generated cost savings for companies in a broad range of industries. Listed below is a partial sample of these industries.

Accounting firms

Media outlets

Advertising agencies

Medical supply

Architectural firms

Non-profit organizations

Automotive suppliers (Tier one)

Paint manufacturing

Colleges and Universities

Physicians offices



Engineering firms

Private clubs

Food processing

Public school systems

Funeral homes

Real estate firms

Furniture manufacturing

Religious organizations

Government agencies


Horse farms

Sports equipment

Industrial distribution

Steel manufacturing

Insurance agencies


Law firms

Tool & Die

Lawn & garden manufacturing


And many more...



Recent Successes


Waste Disposal for a glass manufacturer


MRO supplies for an automotive supplier


Telecommunications for an automotive supplier


Freight for an autmotive manufacturer


MRO supplies for a tooling company


Packaging costs for an automotive supplier


Corrugated supplies for a printing company


Overnight express mail for a construction equipment company


Printing and office supplies for an engineering firm


Freight and mail for a furniture company


Freight for a corrugated converter


Telecommunication services for a furniture importer


Medical supplies for a non-profit healthcare facility


Printing for a retailer


Office supplies for an engineering firm


Overnight express mail for a healthcare company